WAMP is 5 years old!


WAMP is 5 years old!

Erzsébet tér
This fair will be different than the previous ones, since IT IS OUR BIRTHDAY! We are a year older, maybe wiser too, but we had 5 fantastic years behind us, that is for sure!
More than 50 design fairs, more than 500 Hungarian designers, thousands and thousands sold unique objects. We’ve participated in several international projects: we were in Helsinki, Peking, New York, and we have organized a Dutch festival as well, and this year, in September, we are going to London for the Tent design exhibition. We have also received several acknowledgements and prices, including the Ernst and Young surcharge, in the innovation category.
We would like to thank all of you for visiting our design fairs and for bringing your friends. We would like to thank those of you as well who haven’t had the chance to visit the WAMP yet, nevertheless, who are very enthusiastic and interested in the Hungarian design scene!
Birthday cake at WAMP!
Let’s celebrate together on Sunday! In cooperation with the Sülve-főve gastro blog, we have created a recipe contest! You’ll be able to have a bite from the winning cake at WAMP!

Birthday Lomo photos at WAMP!

If you’ll have a great time at the fair, or if you just want something little and fun to bring home as a memory, look for the Lomography stand where they’ll shoot some Polaroid photos of you in front of a special WAMP-Lomo-Budapest-Birthday background!
WAMP on Facebook! Join us!
We are really looking forward seeing you there!
Entrance is free to the WAMP!
More info: www.wamp.hu


As a birthday present from us to you, we have launched a Facebook game! All you have to do is to upload a few pictures about yourself and an object that you have bought at one of the WAMP fairs! If you win the main price, we will pimp you and your wardrobe up with the help of Sebestyén&Csomós personal stylists, and Prókai István hairdresser! The price is worth 50.000 Ft!

Birthday surprise!

A birthday is not a real one without a great surprise, so besides the WAMP fair on Sunday, we are organizing another birthday present! The exact place and time is a secret, but if you follow our news, you’ll find out details in time! :) All we can say is that it’ll be huge, and fun and stylish!