More than just a fair..

Design fair. It’s a community event taking place once or more than once a month in the hub of Budapest where emerging Hungarian designers showcase their works. A place where design meets urban hungarians, tourists and ex pats. It is also a meeting place for creative and trend setter young people. WAMP opens up to the world once a year, and invites the greatest talents and design professionals from around the globe to showcase their work and talent in Budapest.


WAMP likes to get in the move and often joins festivals, exhibitions and other events with a limited selection of designers.


WAMP often cooperates with other initiaves, likes working on projects and takes part in the implementation of design competitions. The works of these joint projects are often exhibited on the WAMP fair itself. This is how the painted plastic cows,  the suitcases of the KLM design competition or the Fashion show of the Budapest Design Week landed on the ground of the design fair.


WAMP as an umbrella organisation is also present at the international scene of design. It takes active part in international projects, showcases Hungarian designers on international design events and has served as a ground for designers from the Netherlands and Finland so far. Beijing, Vienna, Berlin and New York also had the opportunity to meet Hungarian design through this initiative.


Future goals

The main objective of WAMP has always been to support Hungarian fashion and design as well as to enhance visual culture of its audience while promoting hungarian design products. It furthers intends to promote dialogue between the public and designers, designers and companies and designers and designers.