Hello Tourist!

Hello Tourist!
19th of June 2011
Erzsébet tér

What pops into your mind, if we say: June? A huge glass of limonde? Or spitzers, tons of ice creams? Lying on the beach, or eating a huge bowl of cherry? There is no right or wrong answer, all of the above listed things can be the part of the first month of summer! Though, we have one more very significant momentum in our minds, namely the WAMP design fair at Erzsébet tér!

Put on something colourful and fun, make sure that you have put a great amount of sunscreen on also to prevent sunburn, hop on to your bicycle or any other vehicle and come to Erzsébet tér! Young and talented Hungarian designers will wait for you with fully packed tables!

This time, we dedicate a whole section to our beloved foreigners, and to all of you who, for a few hours, would like to feel as if you’re tourists in your own city. Jewelleries inspired by traditional Hungarian motives, belts and earrings made out of bicycle tires that were fretted on Hungarian streets, photos and grapichs about the city. Thanks to Fehér Beatrix, the Designer of the Month, the urban motives also appear on clothes and skirts!

Designer of the month in June: Fehér Beatrix – Camou

You can feel the urban atmosphere as soon as you take a good look at Beatrix’s collection. Pictures of big cities, monuments appear on her extravagant clothes. She has thousands and thousands of photos that she has taken herself on her trips all around the world. She was there at the very first WAMP, the Museum of Applied Arts has bought five pieces for its own collection, her youngest customer is 5 years old, her oldest one is 80.

All in all, we would like to show you, what Budapest and Hungary looks like through the eyes of designers.

We'll hit the road! WAMP at the street art festival in Koper!

This weekend we'll also bring our designers to Slovenia! Selected works that are related to street art and urban lifestyle will be on display at the biggest street art festival, in Koper!

Mood responsibles

The Holy Rollerz crew is back! Our fun and cool dj guys have returned after a short brake to fill the air with rythms and songs that will wine up the mood for sure! They will spin the discs - nu jazz, bossa, headz, hiphop,dub,broken beats will fly throughout the Millenáris!

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We are really looking forward seeing you there!
Entrance is free to the WAMP!
More info: www.wamp.hu