Designer of the month in November: István Esztány

Starting from 2009 WAMP introduces a designer every month who we consider unique or outstanding on the design market. The aim is also to introduce the person behind his/her design objects.  
In November István Esztány became the designer of month with his bags inspired by folk dance. He debuted on October’s WAMP, and was instantly awarded the Finlandia prize.


About the brand
His first works, the “enlarging bags” were made for his diploma collection of diploma at University of art and design. His spectacular though simple bags have strong and specific colours insired by the folk crinkly skirts.

He was born in Transylvania, he went  also to high-school there. He has graduated at Moholy-Nagy University specialising on fashion design.


Nanushka: „I like as she works with simple and clear-cut forms.”
Illésy Lenke: „The construction of her pregnant clothes are similar to my bags.”
He also likes Zaha Haddid, the Iraqi architect. 


“If we ask a woman for a dance, the wrinkles of her skirt  widen and open while twisting and turning. I wanted to express this fundamental movement through my bags. There will be  a live past and something what I have experienced.”


About WAMP
„WAMP is a place where you get face to face feedback. Here I can learn a lot as an artist, and also experience a lot as a person. I already got many positive feedback.”


He has been featured in the Kossuth radio and in the “Magyar Nemzet” daily newspaper.


About future
His plans are to stick to using leather in the future but would like to take linen and felt into his works. He plans to organize an exhibition in his hometown as only his close family has seen his works so far.