Designer of the month in April: Anna Zaboeva


Starting from 2009 WAMP introduces a designer every month who we cosider unique or outstanding at the design market. The aim is also to introduce the person behind the design objects.  

The designer of the month in April is Anna Zaboeva, shoedesigner, designing the brand: Pleasemachine.


About the brand

"I just say one thing about my brand : Pleasemachine is a peculiar footwear. The idea came intuitively, this is my only destiny I believe in."


Anna Zaboeva does not talk much about herself. What one can definately know about her is she is from Siberia, Russia, but spends a lot of time in Budapest. She  travels a lot for inspiration, but has been settled down in Budapest for three years. Shoe design is her passion, her obsession, her job and her holiday at the same time. Although she never learned to design shoes, she believes that  she has much more talent for this than for anything else.

"Beside designing  and making the shoes herself I travels a lot, and have I worked in film and TV productions. I have just started cooperations with other artists, but anything I do is connected to the great and unbroken process of shoemaking. As I seek for inspiration while travelling all the experience can be seen in my shoes designed in my Budapest studio. You can meet people wearing my creations on the streets worldwide."


She does not have idols. She always likes differenet designers, but one thing she insists about: best designers are always men.


"I design shoes for people who feel themsleves free, beautiful and young. I have already a pretty good collection of customer's feedbacks. I am glad to hear that they are satisfied with my shoes and they express it too. "Honour board
Anna Zaboevahas exibits in Russia, right now she is creating new collections for a Russian and a German exhibition. "In Hungary I had no exhibition yet. Maybe its time I should  one. Shouldn’t I? :)"

What she thinks about WAMP

"I participated on WAMP three times so far, I like it, I have a good time there and I find it a right event to meet new people. I am in touch with some of them beyond the WAMP." She tells us about the design markets and fairs in Russia as well, especially in St. Petersburg and in Moscow: "But there is no real breakthrough yet, there are only small labels of young people. Somehow I am not so involved there, I rather exhibit in galleries and clubs brand parties.

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