Turn The Summer Around With WAMP Design Fair!

A designer of the month in July 2016 is Botanika

Sára Hajgató studied arts at university but her career soon turned to a different path when she commenced a two year long fashion design course and immersed herself in the Budapest fashion scene. She has worked as fashion editor, stylist and founded the fashion blog Budapest Fashion together with a friend. 

However she soon realized that fashion means to her not only designing clothes and the endless circulation of new collections but also a way of responsibility: responsible consumption and ecoconscious thinking. She is well aware that fashion industry often applies environmental damaging methods therefore she is looking for alternatives which are sustainable for a long time. She only uses natural materials and dyes for her products. 

Her work does not follow the ever-changing current trends and her pieces go well with different styles thus her garments can be easily matched with many outfits and her home textiles with more types of interiors.

See you at 24 July at Erzsébet square

Date and time: 24 July 2016, 11 am to 7pm
Entry is free
Venue: Erzsébet Square
Address: 1051 Budapest, Erzsébet tér