Mikser Festival presents: GHOST PROJECT

Starting its life as a small local exhibition of unfulfilled projects, Ghost Project has grown to represent the core talent program of the Mikser Festival, gathering design talents from all over the world. In hearing the needs of young designers, the initiative Ghost Project has, over a six year period, managed to evolve into a project which acts on several fronts: it educates the public and the media about business potentials and about the role that design plays in society; it stimulates an exchange between designers from different cultural backgrounds; it establishes a line of communication of young talented individuals and established world designers; it gives industrial representatives a unique insight into invaluable design resources and initiates the cooperation of the creative sector with the producers from the region. Ghost Project 2012 announces an important stride in its support of innovative ideas – the launch of its own production line. In the second round of the competition, an international judging panel, chaired by the renowned world designer Konstantin Grcic, selected projects which will be manufactured under a new, independent label ‘Mikser Design’.


2012 október 6-7.


Palazzo Dorottya

1050 Budapest

Dorottya utca 6.