To the WAMP in a mask!

To the WAMP in a mask!

20th of February 2011.
Millenáris, B hall
10.00 – 18.00

On the 20th of February, the official 2011 WAMP season will begin! Since the Christmas WAMP series was a great success, we’ll stay at Millenáris, and also we’ll keep the gastro section as well, representing all kind of design-gastro treats: chocolates, wines, olive oils, chutney, confectioneries, cookbooks! The gastro section has stood the test of time! .

As we all know, February is all about carnivals, so we have also organized a little feast for the first WAMP of the year! There will be a mask-competition, doughnut and more than a hundred designers of course! So put on a mask and be part of the Carnival WAMP!


Mask competition
Click HERE, look for the mask template, print it out, decorate it as you want, then upload it to our page or bring it to the design fair on Sunday and win fun WAMP presents!

Hitka Viktória is the designer of the month in February, with her beautiful snowballs and cute dollhouses. You can find more info about her on the WAMP webpage!


WAMP and AudioPornCentral joined forces and the APC DJ gang will spin live on Sunday. The DJ line is massive, Simon Iddol & mango, DJ Pozsi, Zenit Incompatible will spin the discs!


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We are really looking forward seeing you there!
Entrance is free to the WAMP!
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