Prepare for Christmas in time!


14th of November 2010.
Gödör Klub

November is the month when you can prevent the most feared “last minute Christmas rush”, if you are for-seeing enough! Visit WAMP on the 14th of November, and you’ll be able to walk around freely among the designers, have a look at their works (even twice if you feel like!) and take your time to make the best decision on what to give to whom. You won’t get hot in your coat and you’ll also have the possibility and time to return or change the selected piece of work. It is the best time for brainstorming, and for selecting the perfect presents!

The stand that belongs to the Designer of the month is just as colourful as your relatives and friends who are need of a present. You can find really special and unique objects at Bokor Gyöngyi’s table: dinner-sets, rings or even pendulums! All of the works of the most creative recycle-designer are nothing but extraordinary: the standing lamp is made out of nylon bags, the bowl is made out of throw-away plastic forks and paper clips are holding together the paper plates.

Gyöngyi calls herself an obsessive designer, who wants to surprise and provoke people but also likes to make them think. And what else does she like to do? Read more about her here!


“Design through children’s eyes” is the motto of the DEMO group's creative corner that welcomes all children to introduce them to design and creativity all day long.


Till the end of the year the well-known Holy Rollers duo will be in charge of the music at WAMP. Balance and ER will entertain everyone with their renewed swing and jazz dj sets. What does it mean exactly? We’ll see at the event! Come and enjoy!

WAMP Special Selection at the Budapest Art.Fair!

On the 27th and 28th of November, WAMP will also be there at the biggest hungarian modern and contemporary art fair and exhibition! 20 WAMP designers will be there with works that had been inspired by fine art pieces.

Do not forget that in December there will be three WAMPs, this time at MILLENÁRIS! On the 5th, 12th and 19th of December come and be part of the special Christmas design fair! Each Sunday from 10.00 till 20.00!

We are really looking forward to see you there!

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