WAMP and Pecha Kucha Night at Design Week!



10th of October 2010.
Gödör Klub, Theatre Hall

WAMP comes up with two programs for the Design Week!

Here comes the Design Week again and with it here comes the WAMP! This year, the design fair will be the closing event of the ten-day long program series organized by our upper neighbour at Erzsébet square, the Design Terminal. This year’s event is the 7th in raw, and its main theme is the social and economic usefulness of design, or rather the design’s problem solving ability. Its slogan: Design – live with it! In the first ten days of October, DESIGN can come along your way at each corner of the city, while on the closing day, WAMP will offer you special extras. Let’s see what these are exactly!

This month’s designer group will also introduce itself at the closing event of the week, but surely, most of you have already heard of Artista, who came by the wind of the revolution and who’s been still on the wing since then. They are well known not just in Budapest but other parts of the world as well, moreover, they are regular participants of WAMP from the very beginning. What makes this occasion even more special is that their autumn-winter collection will debut on this WAMP! You can find more interesting info about Artista here.



Whole day: “Freshmen’s Corner”, where newly graduated students will introduce themselves and their work from the best art and design schools.

Design market within the design market: A group of ten Finnish designers will be the guests of this month’s WAMP! After the WAMP-Capsule has successfully landed at the Helsinki Design Week at the end of August, the representatives of the Finnish Turkui designers will visit us!
Within the confines of the 101010 International Action day (hopefully, everybody understands the meaning of the numbers...)  WAMP will set up an Recycling corner with fifteen designers.

“Design through children’s eyes” is the motto of the DEMO group creative corner that welcomes all children to introduce them to design and creativity all day long.

Mood-responsibles: The well known Holy Rollers will come up with something different this time! According to their trailer, Balance and Mr. Herb will entertain everyone with their renewed swing and jazz dj sets. What does it mean exactly? We’ll see at the event! Come and enjoy!

VJ Lens will be responsible for the visual effects who is famous for his fashion design videos !


Pecha Kucha Night
5th of October 20.20-02.00
Merlin Theatre

The 19th Pecha Kucha will start on the 5th of October at 20.20 in the cooperation of WAMP and KÉK.

Architects and designers present their latest projects to each other and the wide public at the vol. 19th edition of Pecha Kucha Night Budapest! As always, we stick to the 20 by 20 rules of Pecha Kucha: each presenter is allowed 20 images, each shown for 20 seconds. This simple rule keeps presentations concise, the interest level up, and gives more people the chance to show. This time we will also hear about the Venice Architecture Biennale and see some Hungarian designers who were introduced by WAMP at the Helsinki Design Week. And do not leave after the program, since Wondawolf & Dublic (Future music) will play all night long!

Entrance fee: 1200 Ft

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We are really looking forward seeing you there!
Entrance is free to the WAMP!
More info: www.wamp.hu