WAMP presents: Visegrad Design Fair

Design fans may expect an astonishing design market at Millenáris Hall D as a result of a project organised with the help of International Visegrad Fund. Over twenty designers of the region will be presented in Budapest besides local talents. The international artists who have been selected by curators of high expertise will present their work for the first time in Hungary offering a new and fresh selection for the audience. Curated by Slovakia’ s leading design fair Urban Market, design labels Minka and L.K. minilab will offer beautiful porcelain jewellery and other porcelain articles from Slovakia. The design brand Remini will bring cool notebooks and calendars, and Mile will sell lovely clothes for kids. More international fashion brands will also be represented: Divarush is strong in casual leisure wear and DEARFRIENDS in streetwear style. Varsity Project offers a unique men’s and ladies’ line, while Handmade by lilian will bring beautiful knitted accessories. The Polish designers have been curated by artist Nina Woroniecka, who really made her best to pick talents who would fit WAMP the most. Her selection ranges among others from Cztery Szczotki, a producer of designer hairbrushes, Marmolada, a designer of plywood furniture, Przemaski,  creator of nature photos and ceramic home accessories, and Well Done’s gifts made of exclusively natural materials. Design label M.A.M Airbag, creates bags from airbags, Pina makes plywood jewellery and Mamapiki designs cool ladies clothes. They all will be present on Sunday at WAMP.