Starring: All the best! – WAMP Exclusive on 12th October at Millenaris Theatre

The organizers at WAMP are preparing a really outstanding and exclusive program where the most talented designers of WAMP’s history get the chance to introduce themselves together for the first time.

The stars of the event are those designers who either won the Designer of the Months award at least once, or participated at the exclusively selective WAMP+ appearances.

October is a perfect timing to introduce the fall/winter collections, so we guarantee you will find items no one has ever seen before.


But let’s see who will be there!


If you are planning to refresh your wardrobe, and you fall for elegant style, your heart will be throbbing for Artista’s latest collection of matte and glossy surfaces combined with pelts, or the mysterious lace dresses of Gabo Szerencses, not to mention the lacquer bags of EOSinE along with the wonderful earrings of Vanda Ferencz.

If you go for a bit looser line, look for the Lazlo clothes brand offering pieces for everyday use with great cuts, or the legendary durable raincoats of Zagabo, and also check out the brand new RAIN BOW collection of Wildpastel.

You like standing out of the crowd? Are you looking for some really daring pieces? Then the clothes of CAOUM decorated with digital prints will meet your needs just as much as the remarkable bags of Zsuzsi Lengyel with traces of calf hair or the leather jewels of Zwana. 


You will meet the works of almost 80 designers in this exciting crowd – and beside the custom designed clothes, jewelry, bags and other accessories you will also find kids’ clothes, interior and fine art design items. And if you get tired of all the looking around, you can refresh yourself at the gastro section tempting with handcrafted delicacies.


The program is part of the official program of Budapest Design Week.


WAMP Exclusive

Millenaris Theatre: 10 am – 6 pm

Entrance fee: 500 Ft. – you can shop for this sum!