WAMP+ 2014

WAMP+ offers the opportunity for designers whose work is exceptionally high quality (altogether 16 designers in one season) to participate as VIP exhibitors in the fair.  

WAMP has invited applications to participate in the WAMP+ section of the design fair, in an open process in 2014 also. In the 2014 WAMP+ section, the jury has decided to award the opportunity to some well-known brands regularly featured at WAMP, e.g. Urban Legend, which blurs the line between cycling gear and urban wear, Lazlo known for their special women’s collections, or MIMM, whose designers rethink the exceptionally rich Hungarian folk tradition by creating jewellery using the traditional motifs. Rita Koralevics, who makes wonderful objects from paper and Lázár Vero, who creates unique silver jewellery will be new designers in the section.

The complete list of WAMP+ awarded designers in 2014: Barabás Szabolcs, Ferencz Vanda, Körtvély Adrienn (Ilinx), Koralevics Rita (Paper Up!), Lázár Vero, László Edina (Lazlo), Horváth Mónika (Manka), Tisza Viktória (Phaidra), Schall Eszter, Urban Legend, Véssey Anna, Twofold Concept, MIMM, Kis Aba Regő, Sustik Kriszta.