Colour reinvented – selection of works of contemporary Hungarian designers

Red, black and white colours have been denoted with separate words already at an early stage of the evolution of most languages. This is due to the essential and basic experiences of human being while perceiving the world. Black refers to night and obscurity, white refers to day and brightness and the colour red – for which human eye is specifically sensitive – indicates danger or sexual attraction. The combination of these colours is very frequently used in traditional folk art due to the variability of countless references.

The most important modern Hungarian artists have always dominantly used these three colours. László Moholy-Nagy, student and later teacher of the Bauhaus school applied colours by using the colour spectrum of constructivists. In most of his artwork the concept was based on the contrast of dark and bright (light and the lack of light). Farkas Molnár, while still being a student of the Bauhaus school designed the famous Red Cube House, based on the school’s main principal of colours, where the red was associated with square forms. As for the applied graphics of this era, a certain meaning was always created by the strong contrasts, as seen in the case of Lajos Kassák’s covers for the journal called „Ma” („Today”).

In this selection we present the works of 18 young Hungarian designers, many of which have already been winners of precious Hungarian and international design awards. The pieces presented here – regarding the applied colours - are picturesque contemporary examples of this rich cultural code system.

The exhibition is a inspired by the World Design Capital 2012, is part of the Design Week held in September. Design Week Helsinki, and the Museums' Night held on 23rd August.


Designers and their objects presented :

Anh Tuan: 2012 Spring/Summer Collection

Balázs Antal: Coffein set, Table set

Vanda Berecz: Motiva bag collection

Zsuzsa Boldizsár: Folk plate collection

Co&Co: Cocodice stool

Dombon-a-tanya: Box couture (in cooperation with The BétaVersion), House of Games

Judit Ducsai: Klocc bags

Vanda Ferencz: Carbon and Metal Petals jewellery collection

Hannabi: Hungarian Beauty furniture collection

Heonlab: Pixel Baroque table

Ivanka: Flaster tiles

Janka Juhos: White project jewellery collection

Kepp showroom: 2012 Spring/Summer Collection

Tervhivatal: Alba furniture collection

Tilka: Textile cables

The BétaVersion: Pixelfolk Red bag collection

Péter Toronyi: Nissyoku lamp (Koizumi International Student Lighting Design Competition 2010 1st prize, Red Dot Design Award 2011 design concept, Hungarian Design Award)

Fanni Vékony: Cross Stitch broch