WAMP pop-up store at MOM Park

The pop-up store is a milestone in the history of WAMP, as this will be the first occasion for the market to show a high-quality selection of the work of the best Hungarian designers in an entirely new context. In line with the functioning principle of the pop-up store in the shopping centre, shoppers can expect an appearance that lasts just a short time, but is quite spectacular. Perfectly suited to the character of the location and to the brand profile, the ground-breaking installation will be located on the ground floor of MOM Park. It will function not only as a fashion boutique, but at times advertised in advance, the designers will also offer individually tailored consultations.

The idea for shops that unexpectedly appear, and then disappear again after a brief period of operation originates in the United States, where, in the new millennium, young breakthrough designers offered their creations in this way, as an individual alternative to the luxury department stores. Nevertheless, the model for the novel form of shopping did not come from an American, but from the ingenious designer of the Comme des Garcons label, Rei Kawakubo, who in 2004 designed a temporary guerrilla boutique in Berlin Mitte, operating in a former bookshop. This unusual business model has since found many followers, and by now, such depots have spread like mushrooms, with the work of the most exciting designers appearing from time to time in ever-changing locations.

The selection of the WAMP pop-up store includes both serious Hungarian labels, as well as the production of breakthrough talents. There will be the shoes hallmarked with the name of Anna Zaboeva, Pleasmachine, the well-known group of fashion designers that is Artista, NATI100%PUREIDEA established by Nati Gyulai, the current collection of Gabo Szerencsés, NON+ apparel for those looking for sportswear, the newest pieces from Ille-Olla, and maternity wear from Judit Jarolics. Ildi Czok is preparing exciting beads, and Dorottya Nyikos her refined silver jewellery. A good number of bag designers will also participate in the project: Laoni with high-quality works, Zsuzsi Lengyel with very colourful models, Judit Ducsai with practical pieces that are brilliantly variable, and Dóra Juhász will show clutches.

Opening hours: Monday – Saturday: 10 am – 8 pm; Sunday: 10 am – 6 pm