WAMP Spájz the gastro fair


WAMP Spájz – design and gastro fair
26th and 27th of November, 10.00-18.00
Millenáris, B hall


This year, we start the Christmas season with our very first and very own gastro fair! Right before you pack your shopping bags full with presents at the Triple Christmas WAMPs (4th, 11th, 18th of December), fill up your larder with design dainties!

At our gastro design fair the exhibitors not only put emphasize on the uniqueness and high quality of their products, but also find it very important to catch the visitors’ attention with the image and packaging of those. The shelves of the different gastro sections will be designed by stylists.

1. Dunszt: In this section we can find everything that a real larder should include: jam, chutney, fruit syrup – so all the bottled goods. The leader of this section is: Axi’s Kitchen with their fantastic chilli-jam!
2. Szalonspicc: Thirsty? Just want to have a little fun? Find this section, where you’ll be able to have a sip of the best alcoholic drinks: distillations, wines, local beer manufacturers. The leader of this section is: Csutorás Pincészet
3. Állati: In every larder hang one or two sausages and lay a few, nice, round cheese. We will have those in our Állati section: fish, meat and cheese. The leader of this section is: Mangalica és Társai.
4. Édes: Probably the all-time favourite section that includes all the sweetness of the world! Cakes, cupcakes, biscuits, chocolate on every form and taste! The leader of this section is: Rózsavölgyi Csokoládé
5. Friss: Everything that is fresh: vegetables, fruits and breads! The leader of this section is: Marmorstein bakery with their famous nut-raisin baguette!
6. Vegyespolc: This section includes all the things that are none of the above, but that are still very important larder participants: cookbooks, coffee, tea, oil, vinegar, spices. The leader of this section is: A Hónap Ajándéka

Workshops – Saturday, Sunday at 12.00 and 16.00

12.00: Makifood cooking show: Sushi workshop
16.00: Keserédes performance: get ready for Christmas with home-made bonbons

12.00: Szántó Tibor’s lecture ont he culture of cocoa, on how to taste chocolates
16.00: Kopenka: cupcake factory

As the workshops are quite ppopular, we would like to ask you to register! Just send an email to  regisztracio@wamp.hu. Please include which workshop you’d like to attend, and for how many people you’d like to register.

Gastroblogger rapid dates – 27th of November, Sunday at 15.00

At a rapid date you have to be as quick and efficient as possible. You have a given amount of time during which you can questions from the blogger. Those who will answer them: Chili&Vanilia (Vegyespolc), Fűszer és Lélek (Szalonspicc), Lila Füge (Friss), Dolce Vita (Dunszt), Édesem (Édes), Világevő (Állati).

The link to our gastro video: