WAMP Spájz spring gastro fair

As usual, the shelves of the WAMP Pantry will be packed with delicacies of all kinds. Chocolates, truffles, bon- bons, cookies, jams, chutneys, olive oils, wines, distillates, special cook books, cheeses, cold cuts, coffee and tea, organized on six ‘shelves’ (or sections). The gastro fair is a good place for those who like their food local and organic: find Hungar- ian farmers here, select between the home-made dainties and chat with

the producers themselves to find out the story of your food!

Besides the fair, you’ll will find spe- cial workshops as well – get familiar with special edible plants and flow- ers, learn all there is to know about fresh herbs, find out how to make your own candy and meet Hungary’s most popular gastro bloggers, who’ll surely have one or two surprises four you in store.