Two day long WAMP on Design Week!

Two day long WAMP on Design Week!

8-9th of October 2011.
Millenaris, B hall

Everything is about the design this week! All the little shops, all the galleries and the cool places are full of with the latest design innovations. We can get a sneak-peak into the creative world of the colourful buildings and walls of Budapest, ceramics, glasses and metal pieces blink in the windows of galleries.

WAMP, the Hungarian design market is also the part of this design swirl. We really wanted to grab the opportunity, so we’ve decided to organize a two day long design fair! Both on Saturday and Sunday the WAMP will wait for you in the B hall, offering you the biggest variety of tricky bags, recycled jewelleries and flirty clothes.

Czech and Slovakian designers at WAMP

We have already had Finnish and Dutch guest designers, and now we would like to introduce you another two nation: Czech and Slovakian young designers will bring their fun and colourful collections, bags and purses. They will be a really cool part of the fair, so make sure, you’ll look for their stands!

Designer of the month in October: Vékony Fanni

Fanni is creating her fantastic jewellery from a super material, called corian. This material is just as beautiful and long-lasting as a gemstone. On the other hand, Fanni is always looking for new possibilities and materials; she is walking around with open eyes and picks up everything that catches her eyes. Whether she uses her precious corian or a piece of regular stone that she had found on the streets, we can be sure that the outcome will be fantastic.

Pecha Kucha night with WAMP designers

Do you know what Pecha Kucha is? It is a presentation methodology in which 20 slides are shown for 20 seconds each. This time, within the confines of the Design Week, Pecha Kucha night at Szikra will present many interesting design innovations and stories – a school built on the northern part of Himalaya, a running barrel that turns the kinetic energy into electricity, contemporary bead jewellery.

WAMP and KIBU at TENT London!

Play4Power, the winning project of the Pirates of the Danube workshop has returned from its debut tour! The device that turns kinetic energy into electricity has successfully proved that the role of designers could actually work on solutions that can potentially create the basis of new economies. Come and try the device yourself! Jump on to the running barrel and make the future brighter :)!
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Marion – Balla Vivienne’s exhibition

Vivienne’s exhibition will bring us back to times when people still believed in magic. Her protagonist is a little witch, called Marion who mixes magical potions, whispers little limericks and paints little paintings on rocks.

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