Design harvest at Millenáris!

Design harvest at Millenáris!

Autumn is here again, and as the leaves are getting yellow and orange and red, as all the caffes and restaurants are taking their chairs and tables inside from the terrace, and as in all shopping windows the fresh autumn-winter collections are calling out for us, the WAMP is preparing for the autumn season as well.

On the 11th of September we’ll move back to the Millenáris Park, to the B hall, in order to
- be absolutely weather-proof
- be able to provide a varied and bigger selections of design goods
- be able to present our gastro selection, the WAMP Spájz again

So, please get your bags ready and pack them full on Sunday with all the creative design goods, that you can find!


All day long design fair with selected designers

Nano-invasion at WAMP

The 5th PLACCC Festival starts on the 23rd of September 2011! Within the frame of the event series, you’ll be able to discover the city from another point of view. The city expeditions include journeys to the South Pole, you can design interactive street games at Nyugati tér, or you can participate in mini theatre plays. On Sunday at WAMP, look for the PLACCC stand and get to know all about the programmes and secret routs! Between 12.00 and 18.00 you can explore the “nano-invasion stations” all over in the Millenáris Park. Moreover, you can also design and create your own PLACCC badge. Inform your friends on Facebbok!

Designer of the month in September: Mika&Heni

Mika and Heni are new members of WAMP, up until now, they’ve only represented themselves at other designer’s tables. Personally, you can first meet them on Sunday at WAMP, where you can also meet their fantastic and really creative solutions for lamp, furniture and home accessories. Their paper clip holding hedgehog is a MUST HAVE!

WAMP Spájz

Welcome to WAMP Spájz! As it has turned out, WAMP and the gastro make a perfect combination! That is why you’ll find all kind of design-gastro treats at WAMP on Sunday: chocolates, wines, olive oils, chutney, confectioneries, cookbooks

WAMP up your wardrobe! – announcement of results

We have closed down or birthday game, the WAMP up your wardrobe, and we happily congratulate to the winner: Nagy Alexandra! Her price is, that we will pimp her and her wardrobe up with the help of Sebestyén&Csomós personal stylists, and Prókai István hairdresser! The price is worth 50.000 Ft! The big make over will take place on Sunday at WAMP!

WAMP and KIBU at TENT London design festival!

Kitchen Budapest (KIBU) and WAMP launched an open call for young Hungarian designers to participate in a workshop and develop new projects with tutors Anab Jain and Jon Arden designers and co-directors at Superflux, a design studio based in London, UK and Ahmedabad, India. In the course of the workshop four projects were developed and one has been chosen to be shown at Tent London Design Festival. The winning idea came from Beata Csortan and Daniel Pifko. Their project is called Play4Power. The main concept of the project is that kids have a lot of untapped energy that they usually let out at playgrounds. The main focus of the Play4Power project is to come up with a creative solution with the help of which we can recycle the kids’ energy and turn it into electricity. In order to achieve this, Play4Power has designed a special unit that can be put on to each and every playground vehicle. For the exhibition, we have installed the generator unit on a running barrel, in order to introduce the project in a spectacular and interactive way.

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