Tune up for WAMP!


Tune up for WAMP!

14th August, 2011.
Erzsébet tér
We know that the Sziget is happening now, since we are there two as a Mini WAMP with a few wooden houses, so it cannot be an excuse! You have 6 more days to practice the trick of “how to be at two places at the same time”, but if it’s just not happening for you, do not worry, we’ll give you a hint that would make your decision easier:

In four days you will have plenty of time to walk around at Sziget, to jump around on many concerts, to sing until your voice gets hoarse, to learn by heart all the designer objects at the WAMP houses and take at least two photo shoots at the WAMP-Lollini planking photo station! ;) All in all, there would be no reason for you to miss our huge design fair on the 14th at Erzsébet tér!

Also, it will be our last open-air WAMP this year, since on 11th of September we'll move back to Millenáris!

Karaoke at WAMP!

As we’ll have a Mini WAMP at Sziget, we thought it would be a real kick to have a Mini Sziget at WAMP on Sunday! Here you’ll get to be the stars; you can have the Main Stage all four yourselves! Come and sing along with us, and rest your feet and eyes while your throats are working!

Designer of the month in August: Gajcsi Blanka

Though her original is profession is a sculptor, since last October Blanka is an active WAMP attendee with her creative and funny-looking jewelleries. She is giving an absolutely new meaning to such ordinary objects as a sea urchin’s thorn, or the favourite snack of the wild-boar, the acorn. While the former one becomes an earring under Blanka’s hands, the latter one gets a nice silver coverage. Blanka has worked for Zoób Kati, she has designed a jewellery collection for Zsolnay, and she has also made a mausoleum.

Subjective atlas of Hungary

HVG and KIBU are finally about to release the atlas in which fifty young visual authors were invited to put their homeland in perspective. At the launch event you can hold a copy in your hands and meet the authors and editors of the atlas. Until then, vote for the best subjective atlas, since they are going to make a poster from the most liked one!


WAMP up your wardrobe! – announcement of results

We have closed down or birthday game, the WAMP up your wardrobe, and we happily congratulate to the winner: Nagy Alexandra! Her price is, that we will pimp her and her wardrobe up with the help of Sebestyén&Csomós personal stylists, and Prókai István hairdresser! The price is worth 50.000 Ft!