Design on earth and up in the air!

22nd of May 2011
Millenáris, B hall

A very unique experience will wait for everyone who visits the Millenáris on this sunny Sunday! The whole B hall will be full of with the stands of young Hungarian designers. Expandable bags, brooches, shoes, vinyl and tire jewelleries, lamps made out of nylon bags and porcelain bugs – just to pick a few objects out of the millions...

Hard as it will be to focus on anything else than the designer goods, it will worth it! Take a good look at the ceiling and at the columns, since the dancers from the GoBe Association can appear at the most unexpected places! Their performance is really amazing – it’s a combination of a dance show and a jewellery fashion show! The choreographers put together the whole show based on their impressions of the works of contemporary jewellery artists.

Designer of the month in May: Tipton Zachary

The Hungarian-American young brain master of Tipton Eyeworks has chosen a very a professional way of recycling. He makes stuff, but mostly glasses, out of vinyl and old films. Zacahry is a proud owner of a reel about the Russian blastoff, some erotic film rolls from the 50’s and also about Chaplin – but he doesn’t make glasses out of these, he just collects them just for fun.


WAMP Spájz

As you have got used it by now,  a whole gastro section, representing all kind of design-gastro treats: chocolates, wines, olive oils, chutney, confectioneries, cookbooks will wait for everyone, who would like to extend their design experiences towards the gastro world as well!


LIKEmyBIKE + Lomo!

Your best buddy is you bike? You like it sooo much, that you would like the whole world to see it? Then come to the WAMP, look for the Lomography corner where they will take a really cool picture of you and your favourite bicyle! After that all you have to do is upload the pics to the Facebook page of LIKEmyBIKE and wait for the prices! ;)


KomiKite sárkányreptetés!

Tavaszi szél vizet áraszt, és sárkányt reptet! Gyertek ki az Erzsébet térre a WAMPra, és miután kiámultátok-bámultátok magatokat a hazai design és redesign kincsein, kóstolgattatok egy kicsit a gasztro asztaloknál, kapaszkodjatok bele egy-egy Komikte sárkányba! Komjáthy István és kis csapat szívesen megmutatja Nektek, hogyan emeljétek magasba és hogyan szelídítsétek meg a papírsárkányokat! Határ a csillagos ég!


Smells good, right?

Since spring is here, we would like to greet it and all of you with a special scent exhibition! Zsolt Zólyomi perfume expert will wait for everyone who would like to discover which odour fits them the best.

Mood responsibles

The Holy Rollerz crew is back! Our fun and cool dj guys have returned after a short brake to fill the air with rythms and songs that will wine up the mood for sure! This time Ben and ER will spin the discs - nu jazz, bossa, headz, hiphop,dub,broken beats will fly throughout the Millenáris!


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