Designer of the month in November: Bokor Gyöngyi

Every month since 2009, WAMP has been introducing designers who elevate the market hype to share more about a designer than just his or her products. To surprise, to make you think and to provoke – these are the most important aspects in Bokor Gyöngyi’s works.  She is a compulsive designer who reconsiders each and every object, since she simply cannot accept the fact that one certain object has only one shape. The results of her exciting, playful reconsiderations are: the snap fastener-plate, the Velcro vase and the milk carton-ring. You can find all of them at the next WAMP in November!

Brand and Bio
It is hard to decide what her main profile is, since she happily designs any kind of objects, whether it is a piece of furniture, a lamp or small jewellery. 
She studied at the University of Art in Brighton, her major was 3D design. Those years had a great influence on her. After ages of experiments in the field of minimalism, all of a sudden she found herself in the atheist and cynical atmosphere of England. Thanks to the country where foolishness was encouraged in any possible way, she realized that she herself was a kind of person who likes to provoke and to create something that makes people stop and even think.
Gyöngyi’s favourite materials are those that enable her to create graceful and varied shapes. She is eager to play on the possibilities residing in the material that is how she has come up with the snap fastener-plate series, the polifoam furniture, the nylon lamps, the Velcro vases or the paper clip paper plates.
Most of her works are playing with the concepts of valuable and valueless: “Most of the objects are made of unworthy materials but all of them evoke or make fun of the classic formality.

Philippe Starck, Droogdesign, Front Design, the hungarian Geppetto. Her role model is Moholy-Nagy László.

Quotes from the artist
“I would like to surprise and to provoke with my works. I would like to make people think. For me design is something that I can play with.”

“I always try to create in a way that I come up with something brand new for sure. I try to think of objects in a way no one else does. As soon as I start to create, I immediately slip into another world. That is the beauty of creation.”

TISCA French carpet design competition. II. prize (carpet design) Formareform Award. "Mai Magyar Bútortár" (bowl) EULDA Europian Logo Competition, "Best International Logo Award" (shopboard) Graphis Logo Competition, "Logo 2007 Award" (shopboard)

About the process
„I always create in the spirit of free plasticity. This playfulness could mean that I simply cannot accept the fact that a certain object has only one shape, or it could also mean that in the name of the democratic design I would prefer if the audience created the final version. During the day I only design in my mind, but at night when everything is quite, that is the time for real work! I know that I would have to relax but if I have an interesting project in my mind I could not think of anything else. I really am a compulsive designer: I design on the playground, in the car, in the kitchen, always. According to certain theories, amateurs like their job that much. Oh, well, then I am an amateur.

What can we expect from her at WAMP?
Gyöngyi will arrive to the WAMP with brand new works: she will finish a dinner-set that she has been working on for a year now, but she had no particular reason to finish it so far. She will create different types of rings made out of milk cartons, magazines and catalogues. She will also bring some fun little gyroscopes.

Beyond design
In her free time she goes hiking and plays sports with her kids and with her husband, who is an architect. She likes to run in the forest when the weather is good, during the winter we can find her on her board sliding down the hills.