Designer of the month in June: Balázs Antal



Starting from 2009 WAMP introduces a designer every month who we consider unique or outstanding at the design fair. The aim is also to introduce the person behind the design objects.
In June, look out for porcelain designer Balázs Antal, recipient of the WAMP Designer of the Month Award. Last year he took part in the Finnish design exhibition, and since then he has regularly featured at WAMP. His masterpieces in porcelain design have been exhibited across three continents in New York, Japan and Germany. 




“My brand name “baantal” is not really a brand it is rather a marking: I write this name on my products. The brand name is not really important but certainly I have to identify things.”  He describes his own work as influenced by emotion and inspired by rebellion. He enjoys finding ways to add detail to his work by experimenting with materials.



As in the folk tales: when he was 8 years old he took a small heap of mud in his hand in a forest, and he palletized it all long homewards. By the time he arrived the ball has dried out. Then he threw it into his grandma’s stove, and after five minutes it extremely busted. “My carrier has started like here. Since then I have been palletizing this ball in my hand.”

Having completed his studies at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art he has worked as porcelain decorator in Herend throughout five years, developing his own characteristic style of pure and clear lines. Since Finnish design exhibition organized last year he regularly has been participated at WAMP. His design works have been exhibited in New York, Japan and Germany. 



It always changes what designer’s works he likes. He likes cooler designers: Tom Dixon, Vivienne Westwood, Walter Van Beirendonck. Within his profession, approaches of Barnaby Barford or Louise Hindsgavl stand close to him.
Among Hungarians he emphasizes József Fehér leather designer and Zoltán Lublóy porcelain designer. Latter man advised the book of “Designers are wankers” by Lee McCormack, English designer.  “I advise this book to every designer or future designer.” he said.



At the last WAMP in October a woman from New York get back to his stand at least four times to buy the “Coffein” porcelain set. Finally she dissuaded herself but later Balázs sent this set to her, and since then they have been in connection with each other.



„I think that nowadays a designer not only creates things but he is marketing-, financial- and communicational manager at the same time.



1st prize at Hungaricum Designer competition with his first 3D model of brandy bottle and glass
Erasmus scholarship in Portugal



 „Any positive or negative emotional shock affects me the best. It also inspires me when I can revolt against something.