designer of the month in May: Zita Majoros

Starting from 2009 WAMP introduces a designer every month who we consider unique or outstanding at the design fair. The aim is also to introduce the person behind the design objects.

This month Zita Majoros graphic designer has been presented with the WAMP designer of the Month Award. Her graphics treat various local and social subjects, and her collections – dresses, T-shirts, bags, copy-books, textiles and furniture - deliver a wide range of urban life messages. Her personal interests are in site-specific projects with the aim of observing and reacting to the very heart and soul of the 7th district in Budapest.


She was born in Serbia, she studied at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art as graphic designer and fine artist, now she is doing her Ph. D. studies on visual communication at Moholy-Nagy University. She is the owner and manager of Printa, the member of the creative team of ARC, and graphic designer of BOLT collection.


In 2006 she started her own Bolt collection transforming her graphic concepts into another dimension through numerous objects - t-shirts, bags, notebooks, textile, furniture...Her graphics often deal with surrounding and local public themes, communicating a message. She will present her new summer collection at WAMP in May. More info here


Now Printa offers a complex experience over purchase: Printa is a design shop, gallery, café and a silkscreen studio.
Design shop: Selected unique recycled eco-design everyday-use items, clothing and home furnishing.
Gallery: Contemporary artworks with touch of silkscreen ideology
Print studio: Studio rental, courses, workshops for everyone
Café: Coffee, tea and sandwiches, free Wi-Fi internet


Artista, Camou and the Dutch droog design


“A costumer went in my T-shirt to a club, where the waiter took the fancy of that T-shirt so she did not have to pay for the bill. Anyway the continuous feedback is very important, when I see my dress or bag in the street.”


She is inspired by mainly the soul of the 7th district in Budapest, or words and numbers. All these influences come up in my works.


She has participated at many exhibitions in Hungary and abroad.