Designer of the month in February – Suck Right!

Starting from 2009 WAMP introduces a designer every month who we consider unique or outstanding at the design market. The aim is also to introduce the person behind the design objects.

Viktória Csepleő, debuted at WAMP in November, is not talkative by her own admission but she uncovered in the interview that she likes meeting old friends at the WAMP fairs.  She has enhanced with her gonzo looking and labeling - Alice In Wonderland, Black And White Nightmare – unique shoes and accessories.

The Suck Right! shoes and accessories collection consists of mainly leather and limited edition of accessories. Her shoes are unique models made exclusively for personal order. 


Viktória Csepleő studied at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and design. Her techniques and ideas have developed during her work. At the beginning she produced mostly for herself but after she expanded supply with brooch, key holder, belt, bangle, and necklace. “These are affordable and bigger demand for it, at the same time I try to follow my motto to create unique and special products. Moreover she does graphic design (image, label, poster).


“I have no favorites, I like those designers having style, conception and these are recognizable in every products.”


My best feedback I have got: “Is it a foreign brand?”


Her quotation
” I don’t care about the material but the design. I mean if I have an idea for any kind of material I will execute the imaginary product.”


Quotation about her
“The S**k Right! Brand’s first collection has so amazing design. Several products have such fantasy names as Alice In Wonderland, Black And White Nightmare, Sweet And Sick…” (Pep! Magazine)


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