Designer of the month in May: Dénes Muskotál

Starting from 2009 WAMP introduces a designer every month who we cosider unique or outstanding at the design market. The aim is also to introduce the person behind the design objects.  

The designer of the month in May is Dénes Muskotál, designer of 1MinD1 brand, creating accessories out of bike inner tube.

About the brand

First he started using bicycle inner tube only for fixing his belts. The turning point was when he accidently broke his leg last November then he began using the material more intensively. Folding and cutting shapes suddenly turned into a new brand called 1MinD1. He learned the technics himself and is constantly developing new methods. „I like the flexibility, the color and the immense possibilities of the rubber.” His dream is to get a studio of his own to realize his ideas. His current plan is to design a doglead. You can see him wearing one of his products, belt or keyholder every day.



He watches lot of movies due to his profession as he is a mechanic in a cinema. In his free time he rides the bike a lot and he is also trying to swim as much as he can. If he still has time he reads sci-fi books. He is interested in photography and one day he wants to make a film, at least a short one.


„The reason why I do not indicate the material of my products with big letters is that for me it is more important to see the surprise in the eyes of the customers when they realise what my belts and jewelry are made of. The best feedback for me is to see returning customers. This is more precious for me than any compliments.”


There are several products of WAMP designers he likes, but his favorites are the bags and purses by Balkan Tango made out of inner tube as well. Clothing brand like MUSU is close to his heart as well as animal and bug accessories made by ANZU, he said that he admires them every single time.

About WAMP

Last August was his first time on the WAMP market. „It was one of my best decisions to apply to WAMP, as through this many people get to know my works. It was also very helpful to get in touch with similar kind of people and customers, of course.”


In April he won the WAMP-Stílus prize in the category of recycling. His bracelet was chosen to the photo gallery of the best recycling jewelries by Victioria and Albert Museum. Here and here.

Self promo

In June he starts a training in jewelry design for participants. Infos here.