Designer of the month in February: Benjamin A. Balla

Starting from 2009 WAMP introduces a designer every month who we cosider unique or outstanding at the design market. The aim is also to introduce the person behind the design objects.   The designer of the month in February is Benjamin A. Balla, graduating at the Faculty of Glass Design at MOME this year, also the winner of the Stílus-WAMP prize in October.

Benjamin A. Balla 



Benjamin A. Balla made his first piece of glass design still in the primary school the nature of which he cannot remember any more. A member of his family used to study at MOME and it was due to her influence that Benjamin started to show interest in glass design. He started the secondary school already with the intention to become a designer, and in Debrecen he graduated at the Faculty of Ceramics Design. Later he studied the technique of stained glass and glass painting. Since 2003 he has been studying at the Faculty of Glass Design at MOME and recently has been involved in studio-glass and small sculptures.

Quotation: “I would like to execute high quality works and to be able to make a living from it. Unfortunately there are many people crying over the situation of Hungarian design although it has experienced several international success in the past few years. In my view this indicates the future and importance of it. I am yet seeking for possibilities at the moment and focusing on the upcoming future.”


He does not have a particular favorites. Apart from the great names (Karim Rashid, Philippe Starck) he respects the designers of his own generation, as well (Gábor Tamás Németh, Tivadar Viktor Sass, Rajmund Domán, Balázs Milléte, Tamás Telekes, Zoltán Lublóy). 


WAMP-Stílus prize

TMDK national contest for students (in process)

Erasmus scholarship, Helsinki


“I decided that whenever I have the possibility to use other materials than glass (metal, porcelain, wood, plastic, rubber), I would do so.”

Benjamin A. Balla and his works have been present at WAMP since October 2008.

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